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ServiceJuris Day has been set for June 23, 2018

        About Thomasville Heights


Thomasville Heights is a neighborhood located in Southeast Atlanta near Lakewood.  The median household income in Thomasville Heights is $22,074 per year. Over 30% of adult residents have not completed a high school degree. 74% of residents fall below the poverty level (as recorded in 2016).  It is an area with an identified need for community support to foster community improvement. To this end ServiceJuris will be tackling the following projects. 


Site project description:

School Beautification

SJ will work with local schools that serve students from Thomasville Heights (i.e. Dobbs Elementary, Price Middle School, Long Middle School, Carver High School). Volunteers will paint, landscape, and improve school aesthetics and learning environments across each school's campuses. 

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